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RE: [ft-l] FT Hikes & Dogs

The bylaws is not the place for information like this.   Bylaws direct the
structure and governance of an organization.  Where this belongs is in a policy
statement, which I understand the FTA is currently working on.  If you feel
strongly that a statement regarding FTAs position on taking animals on the trail
is needed, let your directors and officers know.


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There is nothing in the FT By-Laws which prohits dogs on FT sanctioned
outings.  I have never seen anything in any chapter By-Laws which prohits
dogs on Chapter sanctioned outings.  I personally would hate to see either
happen and disagree with chapters making a blanket policy excluding dogs and
their owners from all chapter activities.

However, I do believe it is up to the Activity leader.  The Activity leader
is the person responsible for the participants' safety, the meeting of
management guidelines, setting the purpose of the hike and ensuring that the
participants have a good time.  If the activity leader feels that having
dogs will interfer with these things then the activity leader should be free
to make that decision for that particular hike.

However, if this is an activity open to the public or other chapters then I
believe public notice that no dogs are allowed should be given.  The general
public and members from other chapters are not going to know about your
chapter's "unwritten policies".

Deb/Cricket (and Max, the Backpacking Dalmation)

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