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[ft-l] FT Hikes & Dogs

>Just looking for some opinions.  On two recent FT sponsored hikes I led
>people have shown up with their dogs.  Neither person who showed up with a
>dog had asked me whether they could bring the dog; I don't even know if
>called in advance or not.
>Our chapter has an informal policy of not allowing dogs on group outings.
>Although I hiked (alone) with my dog when I still had one, I really am
>opposed to dogs on group hikes.  Although your odds of seeing wildlife are
>greatly diminished (probably to very low odds) when you hike in a group, it
>seems to me that hiking with a dog even further lowers those odds.
>Additionally, although everyone claims that their dog is the essence of
>kindness, I feel I'm assuming extra responsibility because of the
>of the dog biting someone. (One of the dogs who showed up snapped at me
>I knelt by the open car window to discuss the matter with the folks in the
>front seat.)   In both cases, I tried to be warm and apologetic but told
>people it was our policy not to allow dogs on group hikes.  In both cases,
>this news was NOT well received.
>What do other chapters do?  Is there an FT state policy about dogs on
>I welcome all opinions, facts, and random thoughts.
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