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[ft-l] Citrus hiking - Hail yes! part 2

A few additional notes on before and after the hail:

There were several species of plants in bloom at the start of my excursion.
Pawpaws, Roserush, Cactus, Deerberry, Huckleberry, etc. - By the end of the
trip, after the hail had stopped, the Roserush and Huckleberry did not show
much damage, but the rest of the flowering species were affected. The
Pawpaws and Deerberry lost up to half of their blossoms and the Cactus were
a complete mess. The hail tore off the petals and smashed down the stamens
so badly that except for the yellow color, it would not be recognized as a
flower. Sevedral of the cactus flowers showed the pistil isolated and still
upright with the rest of the flower pretty well beaten down.

On the way out in the morning, the trail was covered by pine needles with
lots of sand showing through. At the end of the trip, the ground was green
with freshly ripped off pine needles, pine boughs, live oak leaves, turkey
oak leaves, and sand live oak leaves, with only a little sand showing
through. It looked like a large mower had gone through the area chopping
down green stuff. Oddly enough, the Roserushes were still standing,
apparently untouched, and the smaller blueberries (V. myrcinites and V.
darrowii) appeared unaffected. 

- Carl

On Sun, 25 Apr 1999, Carl Strohmenger (HSC) wrote:

> I just returned from hiking A-loop in Citrus tract today (Sunday, April
> 25). It started raining about 1 pm. Intermittent rain, not too heavy for an
> hour os so, then it turned colder, much windier and I started noticing hail
> all around me. For a while, the biggest pieces were the size of my
> thumbnail, but by 3 pm I was seeing a few pieces almost 2 inches across.
> They were irregular in shape, indicating that some melting had already
> occurred. The rain was sometimes heavy enough to gather the fallen ice
> pieces and move them en mass to areas where there was a large number,
> perhaps several hundred in a pile. Very interesting experience. I have not
> been caught in hail for several years. I am sure that the forest
> appreciated the rain though. It has been very hot and dry.
> - Carl
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