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[ft-l] Citrus hiking - Hail yes!

I just returned from hiking A-loop in Citrus tract today (Sunday, April
25). It started raining about 1 pm. Intermittent rain, not too heavy for an
hour os so, then it turned colder, much windier and I started noticing hail
all around me. For a while, the biggest pieces were the size of my
thumbnail, but by 3 pm I was seeing a few pieces almost 2 inches across.
They were irregular in shape, indicating that some melting had already
occurred. The rain was sometimes heavy enough to gather the fallen ice
pieces and move them en mass to areas where there was a large number,
perhaps several hundred in a pile. Very interesting experience. I have not
been caught in hail for several years. I am sure that the forest
appreciated the rain though. It has been very hot and dry.
- Carl

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