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[ft-l] I'm back 100%...

Hey everyone,

I'm back from the land of Gear Talk --- that is,
BackpackingLight@onelist.com .  It was a good list for a while until a guy
named R.J. Byanum jumped in and started to talk about Dogs, Cell Phones and
just became a serious disruption to the list.

Now, I'm going to focus my efforts on getting this list talking.  I'm not
sure if I mentioned this before, but I have become somewhat of a guru on
making my own gear.  My motivation for making my own gear has mainly come
from the fact that most commercial backpacking gear is overkill for Florida
conditions - even during a Florida winter.  Homemade gear can be made
tougher, lighter and to fit a specific person.

Here is a site devoted to making your own gear:
Make Your Own Gear - Web Site

I would love to hear what others have done, even if it's a simple stuff sack
or something else.  Please, tell us about it!

Happy Hiking,
Jeff Walters
Anywhere is walking distance, if you've got the time.
(Steven Wright)
Florida Backpacker's Trailplace

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