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Re: [ft-l] Re: sulpher powder

> Contrary to popular opinion, chiggers do
> not burrow into the skin or feed on blood. Instead, chiggers inject a
> digestive fluid containing enzymes that causes skin cells to rupture.

Thanks to Bryan for this.  I learned this through an article in Backpacker a
lot of years ago (I still have it).  The best relief I've found for the itch
(which lasts about 2 weeks on me) is a local anesthetic like benzocaine or
lidocaine.  Has anyone tried PABA (meat tenderizer) on them?  I use it at
the beach to neutralize the protein sting of jellyfish-- I wonder if it'll
neutralize chigger spit?

Regarding Cricket's hot showers- they have the opposite effect on me.  I'm
generally unaware of chigger bites until I've had a hot shower-- like it
activates the proteins or something.

What I want to know is, how do you scratch the embarrassing itches when in
polite company?  Ever sit in a looonng meeting with your superiors at work,
just dying to have a good scratch at that place you just can't get to at
that moment (Solar Bear will have a field day with this, I'm sure.

Pam Hale

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