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Re: [ft-l] Chiggers

Hi, all --

Once you get in off the trail, there is that universal bug-bite-anti-itch 
fix, a quick misting with cheap hair spray. It cuts off the air and seems to 
eliminate much of the problem. Course it also clogs your pores, so a good 
scrubbing should be interspersed with fresh doses of the spray till the 
problem goes away.

ALSO -- remember the really good U of F handout on Lyme ticks which we got at 
the annual conference a few weeks back? I can't find my copy anywhere. 
Mentioned the thing on the Volkssporting list and got several requests for 
copies. Now I can't find the darned thing. Can anyone PLEASE snail-mail me a 
copy? I'm at P.O. Box 9716, Daytona Beach, 32120-9716.


MoiraLynn Mefein (Tortoise)
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