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Re: [ft-l] Chiggers

On the occasions when I couldn't get straight to my shower and scrubby sponge
after a trip through chiggerville, an alcohol wipedown (even a wet-nap packet
will do) behind the knees and around sock tops and panty elastics seems to help
a little.  If you get bites and give in to the temptation to scratch, thereby
producing an even worse itch, you can get some temporary relief (long enough to
get to sleep at night, at least ) using an ice pack to deaden the itch - at
least for those bites in the more accessible spots!  If you can protect a bite
from being brushed by clothing, etc., the itch doesn't seem to be as bad.  I've
put Band-Aids over bites behind my knees or on my ankles and it seems to keep
the itch cycle from starting.  Of course I look ridiculous with all those
Band-Aids, but at that point, who cares!


Cricket wrote:

> I've found two things that work for me in preventing chigger bites.  One is
> dusting my socks/boot tops with sulphur powder.  The other is DEET.
> I found only one thing that seems to help chiggers after they strike.  A
> bath as soon as possible in water as hot as I can stand it.  If I can't
> prevent the buggers, I'll steam 'em out!   ;-)
> Actually, I used to work in the woods all summer.  I found that after a week
> or so I either stopped being bitten or my body adapted to the irritation so
> they didn't itch anymore.  But oh, that first week was a bummer    ;-(
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> >Okay, so now we know where to find chiggers in Florida.  I found a bunch of
> >them after doing two evening hikes and a workhike last week.  They revealed
> >themselves in all those unmentionable places (and I don't mean places on
> the
> >trail).
> >
> >Since we've been on the subject, does anyone have:
> >
> >1.  A surefire way to relieve the itching?
> >
> >2.  A surefire way to avoid attracting them in the first place?  (I admit
> to
> >having no bug spray on Wednesday or Friday evening.)
> >
> >Maybe when we finish chiggers, we can move on to discussing ticks.
> >
> >Scratchingly,
> >
> >Joan
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