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Re: [ft-l] Chiggers

Whe I was active in the camping/hiking groups around Gainesville,FL, in the
1960s, one of our group never got chiggers. She had several medications for
allergies and one of them contained high doses of anti-histimines (sp?).
Whe she went off the medication a few years later, she started to get
chiggers. She had to return to the medications later, and her chigger
attacks disappeared. It looked like a good correlation to me, but there
could have been other things going on medically.
- Carl

On Mon, 12 Apr 1999 Bluetrail@aol.com wrote:

> Okay, so now we know where to find chiggers in Florida.  I found a bunch of 
> them after doing two evening hikes and a workhike last week.  They revealed 
> themselves in all those unmentionable places (and I don't mean places on the 
> trail).
> Since we've been on the subject, does anyone have:
> 1.  A surefire way to relieve the itching?
> 2.  A surefire way to avoid attracting them in the first place?  (I admit to 
> having no bug spray on Wednesday or Friday evening.)
> Maybe when we finish chiggers, we can move on to discussing ticks.
> Scratchingly,
> Joan
> bluetrail@aol.com
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