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[ft-l] A poetic interlude

Since not much is happening here, I thought I would torture y'all with one of 
my feeble attempts at poetry.  Apologies to those on the at-l.  This is a 

Background:  Imagine a dirty old one-eyed Teddy Bear who's been abandoned 
along side the trail.

The world is a bitter place
For a bear with one eye on his face
Not so for the bears with two eyes
But Teddy, he waits and he cries
Told to keep smiling, he tries
He has so many questions, whys
But he finds no answers and sighs

Then one day along side of the trail
At a point where his hope had failed
A pretty young girl walked by
She excitedly said, "Oh my!
It's a Teddy with one eye
Come with me Bear, don't you cry
In the dirt again you'll never lie"

It's a story with a happy end
You see, our Teddy, he's found a friend
And now his life is on the mend
He's been pampered and cleaned
And found that life's happy, not mean

But he's still got just one eye
The second one's not a charm
'Cause he was too stubborn to see
That as you smile, so it will be
And the girl who's got but one arm
Taught him a lesson to go by
That the real handicap is failing to try.

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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