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RE: [ft-l] here's MY bald eagle story

I can believe it.  I remember all the things that used to splat on the front of
my old VW bus.  They're not at all aerodynamic, there's no bow wave to push
obstacles aside.  We used to spray the front of the bus with PAM to keep the
carnage from sticking!

 A related story:  traveling to work early one morning last week, my husband was
unable to avoid a bird that flew into his path.  Assuming the victim was lost,
and being late, he continued on to work,  parked his truck in the lot and went
inside.  About an hour later,  a coworker came in and said, "Joe, did you know
you hit a bird this morning?"  "Why, yes I did.  How did you know?"  "Well, it's
stuck in your grillwork, and it's alive."

The bird turned out to be a small screech owl.  He appeared to be impacted on
one side of his head (his head was listing and one eye was shut), but he was
otherwise stable and quite docile (in shock, no doubt).  He allowed himself to
be handled without putting up a fuss, and made quite an impression with the city
staff.  They named him "Winky."  His picture resides in the Public Works Dept.

Winky was taken to the local wild animal rehab center, where he will now reside
permanently.  He lost the use of his eye, but is otherwise quite alright.  Winky
will be a part of the center's education program.   


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All right lets take a poll on how many people out there believe Sandy's Eagle
story ( I want to remind you of the burning picnic table and her directions to
dinner for Solar Bear!
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