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Re: [ft-l] Central Florida Bald Eagle sightings

My favorite Bald Eagle story.  Sorry if it gets a little long.

My parents live on a small lake outside Orlando.  Not infrequently an eagle
who actually lives on a neighboring lake, comes over to check out our
waters.  One afternoon my father was taking a nap on the back porch, which
is a screened swimming pool.  He was awakened by a tearing sound, a big
splash and an angry, rauchous bird scream.  He looked up and saw the eagle
circling overhead.  He looked down a bit an saw a panel ripped out of his
screen room roof.  He looked into the pool and saw a very ripped up, 22"
fish lying on it's side in the water.  The eagle circled for 1/2 an hour
screaming about the "one that got away."

Wait, it's not over yet.

My father is a real skin-flint.  At 76 years of age anyone else would have
called the screen company out to repair the ripped panel and be done with
it.  But mom and I know dad better.  The next morning I picked up mom to do
some shopping and the last thing she said to him was "Bill Blick, don't you
try to take care of that by yourself.  You call the screen company and let
them handle it. The money's not worth you breaking your neck.  I don't want
you crawling up there all alone."  Dad just nodded his head and we left.

Well, he did wait for one of his buddies to come over that morning.  His
buddy held the ladder while dad struggled up to the top of the screen room,
dragging 2 one-by-sixes with him to kneel on while he repaired the panel.
According to the two of them he almost had it done, too, when the eagle
returned, making a screaming dive at the top of the screen roof and pulling
up just before he would have hit my father.  Dad was scrambling around on
his knees on the one-by-sixes, trying to avoid the eagle and save his neck
from a 20-foot fall into the pool or onto the decking.  He inadvertantly
knocked one of the one-by-sixes off the roof, ripping out another panel and
creating a 5-foot gash in the bottom of his vinyl swimming pool.

When mom and I got home around dinner time, dad and his buddy were enjoying
a beer on the porch, watching a crew from the pool company repair the gash
and a crew from the screen company repairing the two panels. Dad just shook
his head and said "Don't even ask."  Just about then the eagle flew over,
going home for the night.  He was screaming again.

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