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[ft-l] Gee it's quiet / What I did after the FTA conf.

After the great conference I was really pumped and headed south. Did the big O. Had a good time but sprained my ankle the first day. I started in belle glade where I stayed at the belle glade campground for one night. They let me leave my car there for free, south bay wanted site fee for everyday. Made it to Uncle Joe's the first day! Twisted my right ankle about two miles form Uncle Joe's. Every cloud has a silver lining right? Well this swelled my right foot perfectly into my shoe so no blisters on my right foot the rest of the trip! What a bonus. I added insult to injury while at Joe's by downing my sorrows. Next day I decided it was do or die and crawled to Moore Haven and checked into the Rice motel $25 for an old time boarding house room. Wilma's restaurant across the street opens at 5am. This is the motel and rest you walk between to get back on the trail in Moore Haven. After lots of country cooking and a good nights rest I felt great and shuffled on. Before reaching the road walk at Fisheating Creek I met a bobcat. S/he was walking along the brush by the lake spraying every prominent Brazilian pepper along the 1/4 mile we walked. I had never had this good a look at a bobcat before and was impressed that he was twice the size of my largest cat. The cat finally saw me and froze. I walked on. Before getting out on the road - 2.8 miles on route 78 - I stopped for a break. I went down to the brush at the guard rail, found about 50 catfish skulls, a large turtle with all exposed limbs chewed off. I set my pack down and sat on the guard rail. There was noise in the bush and the cat I was walking with ran by just in the brush. Then another bobcat the size of a German shepherd! ran out of the brush jumped over my pack, loped 30 feet on the grass then dove back into the brush chasing the (now) little guy. The little guy came running back by the other way  just inside the brush. WOW I just sat there with my mouth open. I was a little depressed because magic like this only happens once a trip and I had a long way to go yet. But I was wrong. The road walk was miserable but make sure you climb under the Fisheating Creek Bridge, it's like stepping in to a walk in cooler. I started to shiver and had to move on. If I had taken my fishing pole I would never have made it around the lake. There are fish everywhere. The next magic started at Taylor Creek. Thousands (I'm sure) of tree swallows (I think) were with me for the next two days. They were very friendly. At a lock I found a bunch of mosquitoes on a wall. I brush the wall with my hand and the birds mobbed me. I started to drizzle so I put on my poncho. The mosquitoes landed on it. I held the poncho out and gave it a little shake and the birds came and picked the bugs right off it. They flew under my arms, between my legs, fluffed my hair the whole day. WOW again. It was a great trip even dragging a bum foot all the way. Thanks to everyone that gave me the advise I should have followed. This post is too long so I will go now. Any questions bush-man@worldnet.att.net