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[ft-l] FS GM 100 & EE GPS's

FS Eagle Explorer GPS, used, sold new retail $149. Will sell $95, with
manual and original box. 

FS Lowrance GM 100 GPS, brand new, never used. This model has buillt in
World map, comes with the MapCreate CD-Rom, auto power cable, PC data
cable, 1 year waranty, manual, original box. Sells retail new $444.95.
Will sell $380. You save $70.

Both use 4 AA batteries.

On either GPS, you also save state sales tax (if your state has), and
shipping cost, as I'll pay 1st class Post Office mail. Will accept money
order, bank casheir check, travelers checks, cash. You send such, I'll
ship. No personal checks. First buyers get. Contact me thru e-mail or my
web site, addresses are in my sig block below. I'll give you my home
address and phone, if you buy, to show this is legit, no ripoffs. I'm
cross posting this to mailists I'm subscribed to, before a newspaper ad,
as know some outdoor "peoples" are interested in GPS.

If your not familiar with these model GPS's, I suggest posting a request
for info,  on the
sci.geo.sateiiite-nav  newsgroup, plenty of experts there.

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