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[ft-l] Section 18 Busy Pace

Well, I’m still busy with maps (halfway through), but not too busy that I didn’t take some time out for a beautiful hike along the Suwannee River. Fred (Sauer Kraut)and I went out Tuesday to scout out the area for a hike I had to lead on Thursday. We found a spot to put-in and take-out that would give us a one way 6-mile hike on the FT going east along the river.  We put in at Camp Branch and went almost as far as where the trail crosses under I-75.  We turned north just before on public property and hiked out 1/2 mile to a dirt road where we parked the truck.

We were joined by 3 other FT members on Thursday for a long 6-mile hike. The scenery was spectacular. The reason the six miles seemed more like 7 is that there were a lot of hills to go up and down. It was not quite mountainous, but it certainly was hilly. We all ate lunch overlooking the River and completed the hike in 4 hours. The wild azaleas were in bloom which only added to this pleasurable.  I am heading over to O'leno Sat. for a five mile loop and hopefully dogwood in bloom.

Carol Ann