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[ft-l] I'm Back!

Hey folks!

I have been away hiking (finally) since the conference so I have a little catching up to do, so here it is all in one post.

#1 The conference was outstanding! It was very professional. Standing ovation to Jon Phipps and the staff! I expect a larger place will be needed next year. I can see a tent city in right field of the Thunder Dome (Tropicana field).

  • Pictures, that’s me (Allen) with the mustache sitting next to Joan and my wife (Jackie Mungo) sitting across from me.
  • Dr. Gary was great. Bring him back next year and give him two hours. I say this after fifteen years of playing with broken body parts – I learned a lot.
  • Raffle prizes, I apologize for making such a scene yelling "yes!" when Jackie won your much coveted canoe paddle. She won’t even let me touch it (I did today while she is at work).
  • Slept right through the space blanket music didn’t hear a thing.
  • I thought it was funny how the camp came alive when the sandhills went off. I got up and started a pot of tea, watched Mr. Guhse’ roll out of his tent, pack up and was walking away with his home on his back in under ten minutes. I enjoyed my tea and waited till it started raining.

Take it easy on Solar Bear. What does he know about good taste? The man wears a pink tutu for crying out loud. Any one can see he has winter skin tones and should be wearing a blue or green tutu.

MoiraLynn I would be glad to sit down with you every five minutes if need be. The family history of arthritis has caught up with me at thirty-nine. The only way to really see things is sitting.

I agree the Hillsboro River State Park is one of my favorites. It’s nice and close for us urbanites. Lots of wildlife just minutes from down town Tampa. Deer, Coyotes, Turkeys – flock of about twenty crossing a fire break with the males performing a bounding over watch as the females crossed, all the birds – saw a pileated wood pecker a couple of years ago, lots of pigs – had a twenty minute stand off with Big Mama one day, and everyone else that creeps crawls or slithers. Remote (one mile) backpacking campsite too!

Will put together a trip report of sorts asap.

- Allen