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RE: [ft-l] Suwannee Trip report preview

Same thing happened to me when I hiked by with my two young children, only there
were two mean dogs set on us.  The owner was standing on his porch, watching the
whole thing, and made no attempt to call them off.  I mean, what kind of a
threat are children? (Don't answer that).


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Is that the section that goes from Stephen Foster to Spirit of the
Suwanne???  If so... you are right, I love that section too.  The bridges
are interesting, and the hiking is so different from So FL.  I especially
remember one small section where you come off the river and have to walk on
a dirt road past some trailers with some penned up goats  and chickens. 
One of the trailers had a HUGH rottweiller with one eye that tried to tear
apart my ex husband and another hiker. This dog really meant business!!! 
The owner kept saying "he won't bite, put down your hiking sticks"!!!!  
Someone told me afterward that these people don't like hikers and
delibertly let their dogs out when they see hikers.  Anyone know anything
about this??

in Sunny So FLA
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