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RE: [ft-l] paddled my karst off

"Karst" is a topography type-- a word used by geologists to describe the
"swiss-cheese" or sponge-like limestone bedrock structure that's found
extensively in that area of Florida.  This area, due to this type of structure
is also--not coincidentally--the main recharge area for the Floridan aquifer.
It's also what's responsible for producing the abundant springs and caverns,
since water squeezes in and out through all the holes.  This is also what makes
the Santa Fe River disappear at O'Leno and resurface at River Rise.  And, guess
what made the Devil's Millhopper and Paynes Prairie drain?

Thanks to my Florida history teacher AND my earth sciences teacher-- I knew
those classes would come in handy one day!  (try me at Trivial Pursuit!)

Pam Hale

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I stole that word from the canoeing book describing the Aucilla River.  I
have no idea what it means, but I liked the sound of it so left it in the

carol ann

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