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Re: [ft-l] Re: Suwannee Trip report preview -- & Hillsborough River S.P.

Just wanted to say "Thanks" to Solar Bear and others for comments on this
section. I've been debating where to go next, mostly between Bull Run and
White Springs. Looks as though White Springs wins for now.

Thanks again, everyone, for the detailed and very helpful comments.

By the way -- I was on the little loop in Hillsborough River State Park three
weekends ago, and it was especially beautiful. Areasimmediately adjacent to
the trail were thoroughly rooted up -- we estimate it must have been a family
of wild hogs, because the hoof prints were different sizes. Apparently FTA is
providing a nice, easy highway for the ham-on-the-hoof to use in locating
rooting areas! 

Anyway, my chum and I thoroughly enjoyed the gnarled and twisted trees, the
always beautiful and occasionally spectacular view of the River, and the the
occasional wild critters, including a sizable gator we accidentally scared off
the bank and into the water.

For those who are looking for a quick piece of the trail to do, and are in the
vicinity of Tampa/Zephyrhills, my walking chum and I both highly recommend
this loop. In fact, it's just about the right size to permit a pleasurable
"stretch of the legs" when driving from one part of the state to another.

_MoiraLynn_ (Tortoise)
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