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[ft-l] Ft. Clinch Report

Thanks to all who sent me information on the campground at Ft. Clinch.  We got
in Friday night because of a cancellation.  The campground was very nice--lots
of shade and reasonable space, often with trees and undergrowth, between
campsites.   Although I did a little web research, the fort was far grander
and more extensive than I pictured.  The trails traverse old sand dunes,
making for little hills (wonder of wonders in Florida).  However, someone in
that neck of the woods would do a great favor by producing a trail brochure
for the park and blazing the trails at Willow Pond.  We thought we were dong
the 45-minute walk; but because there are no blazes, we ended up at the
trailhead in 20 minutes!  The bike trails were enough to make me contemplate
getting an off-road bike. 

If you feel like a splurge at the end of the day, the 2-hour sail on the
Voyager  was great!  I'd always wanted to see what it was like to be on a big
sailing ship, so we bit the $28 (each) bullet and signed on.  I recommend it
highly.  You get to see Ft. Clinch from the water and we got close enough to
Cumberland Island to see the wild horses.  Dolphins swam beside us for a
while.  One word of caution--be sure to take a couple of layers of clothing.
Because of the wind and clouds, it was cold out there!

Sorry to say we awoke to rain this morning and decided against trying Ravine
Gardens.  Instead, we headed south by way of the Daytona Jumbo Sports going
out of business sale.  Got an older model Thermarest, originally $49 for 30%
off.  (Don't rush over there; it was the last one.)  Now my son will have a
hole-less mattress!  Ran into Flamingo in the store; she was pondering
domestic chores--like the best way to wash her down sleeping bag.

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