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Re: [ft-l] Campground at Ft. Clinch

Best to call ahead about the campground hours.  You might also consider
the parks at St Augustine (Anastasia SP, but this one is often crowded)
and Little Talbot Island just north of the St Johns River in Jax.  This
one has a beautiful beach and isn't used so much.  The campground is in
the salt marsh across A1A from the beach.  There is also a little known
park called Faver-Dykes SP inland off Rt 1 (I think), also in the marsh
where camping is first come-first served.  It is south of Marineland and
would be closer to Orlando for you.  You might stay there Friday and head
up to Fernandina on Saturday am.  If you can, visit the historic site at
Matanzas Inlet on the way up.  

If you stay at Ft. Clinch you'll be awakened by deisel traffic early in
the morning as the shrimp boats head out to sea!  Its a neat place and a
great fort to explore.  I'm not sure about Ravine Gardens.  The azaleas
might be a bit past their peak bloom there.  They have been blooming for
weeks here in Gainesville.  If you are in Palatka at lunch time go to
Angel's Diner (in the middle of town) for a piece of pie.

Jon Phipps--thanks for all your hard work on the FT conference.  I really
enjoyed it.  It was a treat to have a chance to learn about all the long
trails.   An awesome number of people came.  I hope we got some new and
active members from the conference. 

Nancy Gildersleeve
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