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[ft-l] Campground at Ft. Clinch

Does anyone have any idea what the hours are for the campground at Ft. Clinch
on Amelia Island?  If we leave Orlando after work (about 5:15) on Friday night
and drive likes bats from H-e-double q, can we make it up there in time to get
into the campground?  My son will be doing spring break with his grandparents
in Philadelphia (please hope for snow for the poor Florida boy), and Jon & I
are planning one of our freeform weekends.

If Ft. Clinch closes too early, any other ideas about where to stay--either
campground or inexpensive motel?  

Also, is this a good time of year to check out that park near Palatka--I think
it's Ravine Gardens?  Any other ideas or suggestions will be accepted


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