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[ft-l] That Explains It!

Marylin, I thought the noise I heard all night was some sort of Indian
drumming punctuated by a chant and loud "whooping."  Now I know it was your
space blanket.  

I probably shouldn't say this, but as Jon Phipps' #1 groupie, many thanks for
all the kind words about the conference.  He took on jobs normally given to
three different people, and he has been working on this since last fall.  We
went to the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers conference in October
specifically to try to wrangle some speakers to come to the FT Conference
(hence Lucy Seeds and the Bruce Trail talk and the Gary, the emergency room
physician).  With the exception of our trip to Sapelo Island, he has put in 40
hour weeks the last few weeks--and then some!

And, Pam, if you really do want some help with next year's program, he's
already begun thinking of some folks he'd love to recruit to give
presentations.  But don't tell him I offered up his name!

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