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Re: [ft-l] Thanks to all -- especially the list "table mates" and a few quest...

Hi, Jeff --

Thanks for your response. Nope, no sleeping bag. Have postponed it as last
possible piece of equipment to buy. Just grabbed one of my "truck quilts" (old
ratty quilts that live in the truck and suffer all sorts of use-abuse) and
bungeed it to the back of my pack. It made a nice pad. What I did with the
mylar blanket was spread it over me and toss an unbuttoned skirt (I prefer
hiking in skirts to trousers or shorts) on top to keep it in place. I was
plenty warm and cozy, but every time I shifted, I sounded like a Rice Krispies
ad -- LOTS of snap, crackle, and pop!  The noise was embarrassing, though I
had no one else inside my tent. I was afraid it was "leaking noise" and
bothering my neighbors. Anyhow, it sure was cozy!

_M_ (Tortoise)
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