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Re: [ft-l] Tutu on Saturday

Solar Bear wrote:
> ...Do you all really want me to humiliate myself by wearing the tutu, or
> can I leave it at home?...I'll let you listers decide.  Post me your
> advice and vote.  Should I or shouldn't I?... 

Dearest SB:  You absolutely MUST bring it...Somehow I didn't get a photo
of you wearing it and dancing on the tabletop at the Gathering.  I MUST
get one like that at the Conference!...But, even if you don't get up on a
table, there will be folks there that have never seen this marvelous
thing, have been told it will be there, and will be terribly disappointed
if it's NOT there.  So I'm voting for not only myself, but hikers
EVERYwhere.   :-)  Please, please, please bring it.  --  Earthworm

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