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[ft-l] Safewater Anywhere 1L Filter Bottle

Hi everyone,

I just went to Travel Country Outdoors yesterday to pick up a Safewater
Anywhere Filter Bottle (1 Liter); cost $39.99.  I searched the Internet for
a better deal, but it would have been a couple more dollars more with

This filter bottle is similar to the "Pur Life - Pur Country Personal Filter
System" which I mentioned before, but it's designed much better.  Some
others (Joan Hobson) and myself have had problems damaging the Pur Life
Bottles, so I'm switching to the Safewater Anywhere Filter Bottles.  For a
good look at this bottle visit their Web site at
http://www.safewateranywhere.com  It's worth the look.

The filter comes with a mesh stuff sack and detailed documentation on the
puduct and filter specifications.  It details everything from
microbiological organisms to VOCs to Synthetics to Inorganics.  The filter
technology is by "SET", whatever that stands for.  It looks to be the exact
same filter section used in the Pur Life Bottle!!!

The features I like about this bottle are very important to me.  First, the
filter section is protected from damage; dropping for example.  The filter
is also removable, replacable if it becomes clogged.  The only bad part
about this is that you need a small wrench to replace it, so field
replacement might be out of the question.  I would recommend carrying a
small iodine bottle or other purifier for backup.  Second, there is a 25
micron prefilter which is easily removable and cleanable; the Pur Life
bottle has no prefilter.  Third, again these filter bottles are "squeeze
type".  There are no moving, breakable parts for me to break.  Fourth, there
is a "snap-lock-flip-open" cap top which protects the drinking nozzle from
dirt and from dirty water while filling.  The easy of filling and filtering
with this bottle is also very important to me.  You don't even need to take
off your backpack to get your water.  This saves you time and energy, which
makes for a more pleasant backpacking experience!  There is no need to "get
the filter out, get the hoses out, etc.".  Just unscrew the bottom of the
bottle, dip the bottle in the water, fill and screw the bottom back on.
Flip up the cap and start squeezing while your already walking down the

Anyway, this message is already too long.  This filter may not be for
everyone (groups would want something else), but I believe it is a good
personal filter for the occasional backpacker or the dedicated thur-hiker.

Happy Hiking,
Jeff Walters

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