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[ft-l] Section 5 trip report

The cow chips and carcasses at least got a little activity going on this
list. After wading this hike last year, this year's hike was pure
heaven. The weather couldn't have been better and as for the side
stepping it was better than the slipping and sliding I did on the AT in
Virginia with the same stuff underfoot. We had a great group of people,
some I've known for awhile and it was great to hike with again and to
meet pittsburg the new face in the crowd also from the at list. Patrick
tends the best campfires and he along with his Dad Jerry drove 5 hours
to and from the trail for this hike which they have done in previous
years. I love the oak hammocks The size and shapes of these trees never
ceases to amaze me. The pigs have really done a number on parts of this
trail and have left many stretches roto tilled. We saw turkey and
sandhill cranes and I love to wake in the am listening to all the birds
knowing that all I have to do all day is put one foot in front of the
other and make my way down the trail. Thanks again Pam for putting this
hike together and thanks to the southbound group for the water stash. 
						Triathlon Grandma
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