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[ft-l] boils water..........no leaks.......no joke!


with the help of my friend J.B. (WELD),  my tiny little 1" high stove,
weighing in at a whopping 1 oz.(naked), sporting 52(count em fifty-two)
miniscule jets,

boils water..........no leaks.

a couple of things i learned, jeff:  i used the small tac in vise grips,
like you said.  i tapped it from the inside with a rubber mallet & got many
beautlful tiny jets.  also, when bending down the burner flaps, i wrapped
my fingers in duct tape because the edges were sharp, despite the work of
the bastard file (that's what it's called, not what i called it).  i did
not cut myself or burn myself.   let me say, that this stove is second ONLY
to  a juice can twig stove.

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