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RE: [ft-l] Cows and Bulls!

Title: RE: [ft-l] Cows and Bulls!

I have hiked through herds many times in my FT hiking career.  Bulls included (passed several on my latest trip).  You'll have no problems IF you pay attention and do/not do certain things:

1)  DO NOT walk between a bull and its herd.  Go around.  Also, don't intersect the path of a bull/herd on the move (let'em pass).  If they're in a hurry, stepping behind a tree or other barrier is a good idea.

2)  DO keep walking, but keep your eyes on him, and keep your distance.
3) DO NOT approach the creature or make sudden or threatening movements.
4) Talking in low tones (normal conversation) seems to be a sign of no-threat to the creature.  I've also found that cows like my singing (which is cool, since no one else can stand it).  I wouldn't try mooing to a bull, though, who knows how he'll interpret it.

For you AT hikers, you'll probably notice it's similar to encountering a moose.

And by the way, use these same rules if you approach a wild boar.  They are more likely to charge you than a bull is.

Oh, and one more thing:  watch where you step.

Hope this helps.

Pam Hale

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Has anyone ever been attacked by a bull on the FT?
I've often wondered, how aggressive can they get?
Most of the time my sickly "mooooing" calls scare
them away.
L8r, Jeff Walters