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Re: [ft-l] I did not get fire on myself, either.


I too thought about using some JB Weld, must be that Southern thing in us
(lol).  Instead, get a 2 by 4 piece of wood and a hammer.  Put the stove on
the pavement or other solid ground.  Place the 2 by 4 on top of the stove.
Hit the wood with the hammer.  Don't hit the stove directly with the hammer
or you'll end up crushing it.  The 2 by 4 and hammer sealed all of the
stoves I made.  You'll have to give it a 1/2 dozen good solid hits to seal
it up.  Inspect the top between hits and aim towards the edge which is
highest. Good Luck

Happy hiking,
Jeff Walters

>Whoah, Jeff!   I saw the leaks!  Man, did I see the leaks!
> I did not get fire on myself, either.  I'm not sure WHO
>called the fire dept. (I have a good idea, though) and they
> were WAY premature with that action.  It was MY picnic
> table.    I   h a d   a   h o s e.    I think that if I could find my
> J.B. Weld I could fix that little tiny stove today and cook
>on it tonight.  But maybe I'll just eat another couple
> of cans of tomato paste, drink another beer, (I mean
>pepsi) and start all over.  That's probably best.  I think
> this was just a trial run.  A learning experience.  I'll start
> all over another day.  A COLD day.

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