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Re: [ft-l] Florida Trail Sections

>>>Pam Hale mentionewed something about the 40 sections of the Florida Trail and needing more data on them.  I volunteered to help Daryl Wells with the FT web site.  I am hoping to put descriptions of the 42 sections that correspond with the new maps on the web site. The maps will not go on there thought.  I will also try to work out a system to update the trail conditions for those sections.  This will not be 100% successful, but I'd like to give it a try and see how it works.  It will be a lot of people (Trail Coordinators) to contact every other month and because we are all volunteers you know how that can go.<<<< Carol Ann
Carol Ann, Pam, FTA members, hikers, backpackers and cows,
The idea of having a place on the internet to not only VIEW trail conditions but to also REPORT trail conditions has been a reoccurring thought of mine.  With the skills that I have, HTML - CGI/Perl, I could help make this a possibility!!!
Just imagine this, you would like to go hike the Ocala N.F. next weekend, but you want to check the trail conditions.  You boot up your computer, dial up the Internet, go to the FTA Web site and check to see the section leader and other reports on Ocala N. F.
I could write something similar to what I have on the FBT trails database.  You could have a section for reports from the section leaders and then another section for comments/reports from hikers and backpackers.  The section leaders part of the package could be password protected to prevent malicious activity.
The only problem I see with this is getting most of the section leaders online to the Internet.  Some people just don't want to touch a computer and I respect their choice.  Maybe we should select an "online" section leader for each section, who of course would know the section leader well enough???
I'd be happy to build a prototype of this using the existing FBT Trails Database.  I just need some more section descriptions and I'll put them up...  these could be the FTA descriptions or descriptions from hikers and backpackers.  I already have an option which allows you to report on the trail/section.  It also has a voting option built in.
Let's throw around this idea a little more!
Happy hiking,
Jeff Walters