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[ft-l] In defense (sorta) of cow s**t...

We knew from the day Kissimmee River trail planning began that there would be
cattle the entire length-- the first trail actually went through two active
ranches, and the WMD and bombing range both had active cattle leases (good
targets?).  After all, the trail is smack in the middle of Florida cattle
country, with all it's natural beauty, romance, history AND cow shit...
<backlight scrim> ...on a crisp Florida night (with a little imagination), the
ghosts of Bone Mizell, Jake Sutherland, and countless Partins, Bass's,
Overstreets, Platts, and Boneys still can be heard crackin' their whips over
complaining herds... <fade to black>

We probably shouldn't worry that the trail will be relocated any time soon.  As
certified FNST, it's protected where it's at.  And the cowboys are good folks--
if it's not us crazy hikers in the way, it's hunters (good targets?),
off-roaders, bicyclists, birders, yahoos, boy scouts, rustlers and ecotourists
(as in the past, it was bears, panthers, indians and yankees).  They take us all
in stride.  Like the rest of us, the cow hunters are acutely aware that there
are lots more folks out there vying for use of shrinking public lands and, well,
we all gotta share.

In my humble opinion (but mostly because I'm partial) the occasional "meadow
muffin two-step" is a small price to pay for the outstanding scenery and history
of the Kissimmee Valley.  

We can only be thankful that cows are vegetarians.

Pam Hale
(born 100 years too late)
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