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[ft-l] I did not get fire on myself, either.

>Seal the top the bottom very well.  This is very
>important, leakage is bad.   You will see the leaks during the first burn if
>you have any.
>That's all for now, happy trails,
>Jeff Walters

Whoah, Jeff!   I saw the leaks!  Man, did I see the leaks!
 I did not get fire on myself, either.  I'm not sure WHO
called the fire dept. (I have a good idea, though) and they
 were WAY premature with that action.  It was MY picnic
 table.    I   h a d   a   h o s e.    I think that if I could find my
 J.B. Weld I could fix that little tiny stove today and cook
on it tonight.  But maybe I'll just eat another couple
 of cans of tomato paste, drink another beer, (I mean
pepsi) and start all over.  That's probably best.  I think
 this was just a trial run.  A learning experience.  I'll start
 all over another day.  A COLD day.

Never knock on Death's door.
 Ring the doorbell and run.
 ( He hates that ! )

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