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[ft-l] Green Swamp trail

I walked about 5 hours in the Green Swamp area on Sunday. Beautiful day.
Met only one other person on the trail. Entered at Rock Ridge gate, walked
past Mott hammock and out towards the west before turning back. The trail
is in good condition, dry, recently maintained. Not many mosquitos or
biting flies. The first of the Spring flowers are starting to appear -
butterworts and stenandria. The bridges across the river have been closed
to vehicular traffic, but a hiker can easily cross the barrier. 

Two weeks ago, I encountered some Army people training in the woods just
north of the river. Unexpected to just stumble on them when I thought I had
the whole area to myself.

The Green Swamp West property is also looking very nice these days. You can
enter at SR-471 at the Withlacoochee River and walk almost to Richloam.
There must be about 20 miles of trails developed so far. More Spring
flowers too.

- Carl

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