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Re: [ft-l] today i ate the two cans of tomato paste

Here are a couple of things I found out after making a couple of them.

If you have a drill, you can drill a bunch of holes around the middle of the
can - cut with tin snips - and then you have two halves (from only one can)
which will make one stove.  This saves a can, and you don't eat the paste -
metal in it!

30-40 jets will usually do. No less than 30-32 jet holes!  Punch from inside
of the can if possible.  Small tac nails and a pair of vise grips work

A piece of aluminum sheeting from the hardware store can be used for the
stove stand.  $2-$3 per foot isn't too bad.  Make the stove stand about 1/2"
to 3/4" higher than the stove.  Use a foil windscreen in addition to the
stove stand.

It's better to have the jet holes closer to your center priming hole than to
be far out to the edge.

Use a mini-stappeler for the coke can part.  Regular stappelers work ok, but
are sometimes too big.

Seal the top the bottom very well.  Take a 2/4 or 1/4 piece of wood and a
hammer and hit the wood on top of the cans to seal them.  This is very
important, leakage is bad.   You will see the leaks during the first burn if
you have any.

That's all for now, happy trails,
Jeff Walters

>jeff, i honest to god plan to make that alcohol burning backpack stove
>tomorrow if i can find my tin snips.  i bought the dryer vent pipe last
>week and today i ate the two cans of tomato paste and drank the soda so i'm
>all set for materials.  i'll let you know how it blows  -  i mean GOES  -
>tomorrow.  hope you feel better by then.
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