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RE: [ft-l] Did somebody say something?

We had a wonderful time hiking the Kissimmee River this weekend.  Weather was
perfect, company was perfect, better scenery not found anywhere else.  I hope
heaven is like that.

The FBT's got lots of good features; what it needs is more data to put in them.
Example: the FT has something around 40 sections, but there's only ten listed in
the database.  We need to beef up the info.

Jeff, hope you feel better soon!

Pam Hale

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Hey everyone, I'm currently as sick as a shelter mouse who just ate dehydrated
backpacking food without water.  I'm assuming everyone is out hiking and
backpacking with this nice cool weather that just rolled in.
I'm working on some more interactive features for FBT with emphasis on the FT
online community.  If anyone has any idea's please feel free to post them here
on FT-L.
Happy hiking cough cough cough,
Jeff Walters
Kill only time, take only pictures,
leave only footsteps. (Unknown)
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