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[ft-l] Trip Report - Day 2 - FT - Lake Butler to White Springs

Day 2
Lots of dirt road walking.  Cloudy weather set in as the afternoon approached, we knew a large storm front was coming in and we picked up the pace to make it to the Olustee Battlefield as early as possible.  We were hit by several small rain storms on the trail.  The gaiters that Solar Bear let me use worked well to keep my NON-Goretex boots somewhat dry.  Yes, as you can probably tell I'm not too fond of using Goretex on the FT - but I'll leave the soap box closed on this subject - maybe later.
The museum was open on the weekend and some weekdays (9-5).  We happily used the bathroom to clean up again... wow, two nights in a row of being clean!  We stayed in the museum for a while as the rain really started to pour; raining cats and dogs.  Every time it looked to be letting up a little it would start up again.  The museum is definitely worth dropping in at sometime.  After an hour or so, we decided to make like a tree and leave.
We walked out back looking for a camping spot that was dry.  Not finding much, Rick noticed a horse cleaning stall.  I think that's what you call it.  "Ah, shelter from the rain!", I thought as I followed Rick under the roof cover.  It was perfect; clean, dry, didn't smell like horses, the perfect FT shelter (adapt, adapt, adapt...).  We set gear out to dry, cooked some great dinners and were just as happy as can be under this "shelter".  The rain didn't let up, so I decided to set up my "free-standing" tent (Eureka Zephyr) under the shelter and then move it out into the rain as there was not enough room under the shelter.  Rick on the other hand had some problems trying to set up his tent and ended up with some water in the tent and some leaking all night long.  I too had a small leak thru my fly, something I still need to seam seal.  The rain didn't let up and it was the perfect rain test for any tent.  It rained from about 3pm that day to about 3am at night!
The next morning our spirits were high as the rain had stopped...
Day 3 tomorrow...