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In a message dated 2/4/99, 7:38:26 AM, ft-l@backcountry.net writes:
<<Trail names don't seem to be a big thing down here.  Everyone wanted to
know my REAL name...


All I can say is, "You da MANN, Richard"

Just as long as they don't want to know my (Solar Bear's)  real name.  That's
something I'm sure the authorities would just love to have.  Instead I'm going
in the opposite direction.  Lots of names, for instance:

Just plain ol' me - Solar Bear
In cold weather - Polar Bear
In my younger pre-balding days - Solar Hair
With my pink tutu on - Solar Flare  (or Twinkle Toes)   :)
When seeing a hiker babe approaching up the Trail - Solar Stare
In the shower - Solar Bare
When feeling adventurous - Solar Dare
When I try to think profound thoughts - Solar Rare
When I wander off the Trail - Solar Where
When my tutu gets caught on a branch - Solar Tear

Anybody else want to give me some new names?

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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