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[ft-l] Richloam Trail

I just wanted to say "Thanks for the Good Job" to whoever has
been doing the maintenance on the Richloam Trail
(Withalacoochee).  We were out on the north section last weekend
and it's in great shape (well, except for the parts that the pigs
dug up!).  This is a good trail to hike if you're looking for
seclusion.  We were out from mid-day Friday til Sunday morning
and didn't see another hiker, just a BIG pig and a pretty good
sized gator.  Never did find the designated camping area near Old
50, either the sign was down or I just wasn't paying attention.
There is a nice east-west connector trail that comes out at the
Fire Tower that doesn't show on the Richloam maps.  Also, they've
been burning on the area going south from North Carter Pond Road,
so you might want to avoid that area if you head out that way.

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