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Re: [ft-l] Ocala Trail Conditions

Cricket, i wasn't aware of the clippings thingy, that came from
>>in Sunny So FLA
  : )  sandy

>Sandy, we can't take credit for the whole section you hiked, but thanks
>anyway.  We've got Sections 12 & 14 and some non-Halifax St. Johns people
>(like the Augsburgs) have pockets in there, too.
>Agree with you about the trail clippings, just can't get the "guys" to bend
>down and pick up what they've lopped!  Guess they think bending and stooping
>is women's work. ;-)   (Bet that will get a rise out of the list!)  Really,
>no slam intended, our guys are great, just an observation.  I've puzzled
>over this many times -  the women collect their clippings and throw them off
>to the side but the men don't.  Maybe it's just that among our group we have
>more women backpackers who had tripped over the stuff than men backpackers.
>A lot of our men only do maintenance, not hiking.  Or maybe it's the "clean
>up your nest" syndrome.  Anyone else have a better reason?
>Hidden Pond IS a special place.  We have a yearly trip there, suitable for
>beginner backpackers, in Dec. and I always look forward to it.  We start at
>Alex, spend the night at Hidden Pond then walk out to FS 10, stopping to
>visit the Long Family cemetary and the giant sink hole.
>I've seen the washing bit in the Ocala, too. At Buck, Farles, Hopkins and
>Grassy Pond.  Where ever there's a pump and no humongous signs saying it's
>prohibited you'll find it.  You should talk to the rangers if you want to
>hear real horror stories. Hopefully the new fees will help, although it's
>only $4 a night (80% of that fee stays in the Ocala, I think).  BTW, there's
>no fee for walk-ins, like backpackers, only for vehicle campers.
>Anyone know when the Salt Springs campground is due to be re-opened???
>Got to get to bed, trail assessment tomorrow from US 19 to Buck Lake.
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>>Just hiked the section from Salt Springs to Buck Lake--the trail is in
>>excellent shape!   But I still HATE those clear cut areas!!!
>>Juniper Wilderness isn't too bad, i.e. the blow downs.   Keeps the bicycles
>>off...........Just one teeny tiny suggestion from someone who has trouble
>>not tripping over her own feet.......   When your volunteers are lopping on
>>the trail, could they throw the clippings off the footpath??????    I kept
>>getting my feet tangled up in the scrub oak clippings.   It's hard to
>>impress the rest of your hiking companions that you are a seasoned
>>backpacker if you keep tripping!!!!!
>>I do want to go back and camp at Hidden Pond, that is a beautiful place.
>>I wqould also suggest that you filter the water at Hopkins Prairie, when we
>>were there, there were people washing their hair right under the pump,
>>in Sunny So FLA
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