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Re: [ft-l] Ocala Trail Conditions

Sandy, we can't take credit for the whole section you hiked, but thanks
anyway.  We've got Sections 12 & 14 and some non-Halifax St. Johns people
(like the Augsburgs) have pockets in there, too.

Agree with you about the trail clippings, just can't get the "guys" to bend
down and pick up what they've lopped!  Guess they think bending and stooping
is women's work. ;-)   (Bet that will get a rise out of the list!)  Really,
no slam intended, our guys are great, just an observation.  I've puzzled
over this many times -  the women collect their clippings and throw them off
to the side but the men don't.  Maybe it's just that among our group we have
more women backpackers who had tripped over the stuff than men backpackers.
A lot of our men only do maintenance, not hiking.  Or maybe it's the "clean
up your nest" syndrome.  Anyone else have a better reason?

Hidden Pond IS a special place.  We have a yearly trip there, suitable for
beginner backpackers, in Dec. and I always look forward to it.  We start at
Alex, spend the night at Hidden Pond then walk out to FS 10, stopping to
visit the Long Family cemetary and the giant sink hole.

I've seen the washing bit in the Ocala, too. At Buck, Farles, Hopkins and
Grassy Pond.  Where ever there's a pump and no humongous signs saying it's
prohibited you'll find it.  You should talk to the rangers if you want to
hear real horror stories. Hopefully the new fees will help, although it's
only $4 a night (80% of that fee stays in the Ocala, I think).  BTW, there's
no fee for walk-ins, like backpackers, only for vehicle campers.

Anyone know when the Salt Springs campground is due to be re-opened???

Got to get to bed, trail assessment tomorrow from US 19 to Buck Lake.

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