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[ft-l] Notice to Long Distance Hikers - FT Section 21 (Foley)

Annual maintenance of Section 21 which extends from US 221 (north of Perry)
west and north to CR 14 (SR 257A) was completed by the Suwannee Chapter on
1/19/99. This section of trail is located on forest roads of the Foley Land
and Timber Company.  Active logging is currently underway in the reach from
US 27 westerly to CR 14.  The roads have been widened somewhat and many of
the former blaze trees harvested.  New trees have been blazed periodically
along the route and blaze posts installed at all intersections where the
trail turns.  The reach between US 221 and US 27 shows no evidence of
recent timbering.  IMPORTANT REMINDER: This is private property and the
trail is covered by an agreement between FTA and Foley.  All hikers must be
FTA members and have their membership cards in their possession while on
the property.  Also, there is an offset in the trail at US 27.  Hikers
travelling west must walk a few hundred yards south on US 27 to pick up the
trail again.

Sour Kraut  
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