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Re: [ft-l] JEFF WAIT ! ! ! !

>>>   psssss.. Sandy, you're in charge of the  mailing list while I'm gone..
>>you didn't say when & for how long ! ! ! !  and what about S.B. (i mean
>>solar bear)?  can't you take him with you ? ? ?
>>and the word of the week is  ">Guhse".

Well, if I remember correctly, Solar Bear was sold to some lady over on the
AT-L  :-O  I havn't been able to talk to him since.<?>  Maybe Mr. Guhse
(word of the week) knows where he is?

We'll be gone for about a week to two weeks.  I hope to be back before the
end of the month, but there's no telling.  Now, I need to figure out how to
tell that to my boss. Hmmm...  The cars leave tomorrow and hiking will start

Jeff Walters

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