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Re: [ft-l] Ocala Trail Conditions

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>Hello down there in sunny Florida. I'm hiking the Ocala Trail section of
>the FT next Monday January 25th starting south from Rodman Dam. Does
>anyone have current first hand experience with the trail conditions of
>the Ocala Trail or know the telephone number I could call to find out?

that section of trail is in relatively good shape.  in the rodman /
delancey area  (beautiful open pine woods) you will see that motorized
bikes & atv's use the trail.  always have;  always will.  further along, in
juniper wilderness there will be numerous fallen trees which burned long
ago - easy enough to step over with backpack unless you're awfully short.
those dead trees look like pick up sticks.  THEY'RE NOT !  section 13 is
pretty and it gets lots of traffic.  enjoy your walk.

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