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[ft-l] February on the FT, March on the AT

listers -

I'll be on the trail dayhiking for the entire month of February,
hopefully hiking some miles in each section.  I know very little about
the trail, so this is going to be an exquisite learning experience.  I'll
be happy to listen to any advice, but I'm generally a "never take advice"
kinda guy, so post at your own peril.  I should be able to post something
that  resembles a journal, and I should also be able to post some
pictures on the internet...

i've signed up for the section 5 hike in mid-February.  Hope to meet some
of you that weekend.  I would be happy to hike some with other folks
also.  If you got the time, lets go for a walk...

PLUS, all of you are welcome to join a supported group hike from Springer
to Wesser starting March 14th and continuing for two weeks.  Join us for
all or part fo the hike.  There is no cost to the participants.  All
food, water, supplies, lodging, and transport will be provided.  Gear up
for a full severe-weather backpacking experience, though you will
generally only need to carry a daypack...

This time in Georgia on the trail is electric, with unpredictable weather
and spectacular unobstructed views.  AND, you won't be able to swing a
dead cat without hitting a young naive smiling hiker.  Think of all of
the lies you could tell them...

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