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Re: [ft-l] Little Manatee River SRA?

Little Manatee River SRA is a delightful place. I was there with a Fla Trl
group on Saturday. 14 of us had a good time. We found wild plum fruit,
terrestrial orchids (Habeneria sp.), St. Johns Wort (in bloom), wild
azaleas (still leafless, but the buds are getting ready to open), cogon
grass (D**ned invasive weed!) near the river, and lots more native species.

Either the creek or the river can be reached from the primitive campsite in
a 1.2 mile walk, but the river probably has a larger biological load than
the creek.

- Carl

On Sun, 3 Jan 1999, Jeff Walters wrote:

> I just looked though a couple of books, I've never hiked that trail
> (It's on my to-do list <grin>), but it does look like the camping area is
> on high dry ground.

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