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Re: [ft-l] Let's talk rain!

Jeff Walters wrote:
You hit it on the head  - In warm weather just getting wet beats trying
to wear additional clothing. Cold weather is another story. I've found
it has to be very cold to worry about covering my legs so a
breathable/waterproof jacket with layers according to how cold it is
from coolmax shirt to expedition fleece. While moving you are generating
alot of heat but soon as you stop you really feel it. Keeping warm and
dry is a challenge but who is going to get out of the cozy tent in the
rainy A.M. to make the coffee?
				Triathlon Grandma

> I don't exactly "always" bring up a gear topic, but at times I like to
> ask more experienced hikers and backpackers what they use for certain
> situations.  In particular, I've been interested in seeing what
> various hikers (cold and warm weather hikers) use for rain
> protection???  Maybe this is because there is no perfect solution
> other than to just get wet <grin>???  What do you'all use for rain
> gear???
> Jeff Walters
> (in no way an expert)
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