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Re: [ft-l] Sale on camping gear

If it goes the way it did when our local Jumbo went under,
ya have too get there early.  After a day or so, the whole kit and
kaboodle is sold to a second party who liquidates the remaining
inventory.  I was able to do some good deals with the manager
very early in the sale.  But once the liquiditations took over the
discounts were fixed at about 20%.  Still a good deal, but I got the manager
down to half off a few things.  YMMV  (Your manager may vary) k./\

TOKTAADN@aol.com wrote:

> I just got word that Jumbo Sports in Orlando (near 436 & Aloma) will be
> closing.  Look for big clearance discounts to be offered.  Time to stock up on
> you camping supplies.  I'll follow this up with dates and discounts as they
> become available.  And if any of our out of town folks need me to pick you up
> something, just let me know.
> Happy trails,
> Solar Bear
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