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Re: [ft-l] Lake Kissimmee State Park Hike Report

Your postings remind me of a backpacking trip I did there several years ago
with my junior/senior high Girl Scout troop.  We did the southern loop,
camping at the southern campsite Sat. night.  I had told the girls on the
ride down that I had something very special to share with them when we got
down the trail a little ways (meaning the southern Bald Eagles).  I was so
excited anticipating sharing it with them.

Wouldn't you know it, we saw so many eagles on the drive into the camp, that
by the time we hit the trail the eagles were old hat for them.  They did
really enjoy the Florida Cow Camp, however.  The interpretive ranger really
put on a show for them and the girls ate it up.  And it helped that a Great
Horned Owl lit on a 10ft high live oak limb and hooted at them for half an
hour, posing for pictures the entire time.

ANd it's GREAT for stargazing.  That trip was during the time of Halley's
Commet approach (remember all the hoopla surrounding that).  Lugged a little
telescope all the way down to the campsite and the kids were up half the
night looking through it, trying to find the comet and checking out the
constellations.  That weekend was one the girls talked about for many years.


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