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[ft-l] once in a blue moon there's a misprint in the footprint

once in a blue moon there's a misprint in the footprint,  but that's
possibly because i missed the deadline by about two weeks.  blue moon bike
ride will be 25  miles, not 8.  but i must say, am very grateful for having
this one included in the newsletter at all since it was so late.

> CHAPTER:  Florida Crackers
>  DATE(S) Sun.  Jan.31    TYPE OF ACTIVITY  Blue Moon Bike Ride
 LOCATION  Gainesville - Hawthorne Rail Trail   REGION:  North

  DESCRIPTION     We have been granted permission to use the bike trail
  after hours for this special event.  So don't miss it.  It happens once
  in a blue moon.  Bicycle approx. 25 miles including  moonlight (bring
  your own) picnic.  If the weather's too cold to bicycle we'll hike
approx. 8 miles on the trail.  Call leader for meeting time & place.


  RATING:                MODERATE

  LEADER'S NAME Sandy Hubbard   PHONE NO  (352)  376-8718


  CO-LEADER'S NAME  Rich Armstrong  PHONE  NO  (352)  245-0422



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